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How to Join

Become a Member Today!

Please read to determine the correct procedure for your needs.

If you are new to our Association and/or MLS, please click the apply tab next to the membership you desire to join online, or print the forms listed under the forms tab.  If you are an existing member and looking for transfer, reinstatement, change of BIC status or forms for your Admin., please click the forms buttons below.

REALTOR® and MLS Subscriber

Active, licensed real estate agent or licensed certified/residential appraiser.

MLS Only

MLS Only Participant (Broker/BIC) or MLS Only Subscriber Application for Participation in the Multiple Listing Service.

Affiliate Partner

Affiliate membership is for individuals who are not licensed agents but have a professional interest in the real estate industry, e.g., mortgage brokers, real estate attorneys, home inspectors, etc. Affiliate members may not access MLS.

Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistants are individuals who are not licensed agents but have access to the MLS to perform tasks for agents or offices.